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Isn't it time you gave your body something new?

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For a summertime beach body experience you've always wanted! 

We gather at one of the most rejuvenating spots on the planet: the beach. As our bodies engage in physical workouts, nature complements the process. While using the Earth as our gym, the sun's nourishing rays provide a vital dose of age-defying Vitamin D. Meanwhile, the grounding sensation of the sand works to diminish inflammation, combatting the signs of aging, and purging our bodies of aging catalysts like free radicals.

We offer 2 classes on Monday and Wednesday, starting at 6:30 a.m, then again at 7:30 a.m. select the session that aligns with your schedule and join us on the beach.

But never knew existed! 

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Jeff F. - Canada

Thomas is knowledgeable, full of great energy and kicks your butt…while managing to work around injuries. The beach is such an incredible class setting too. Love this workout.

Ashley G,-CA

Thomas and his beach workouts have really given me strength mentally and physically.... Getting grounded on the beach, surrounded by beauty, resets my mind and Thomas always shows up with the best attitude.

Mia H.-CA.

I had such a great workout and felt very comfortable coming new to the group. Thomas is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I can’t wait for the next session!

About the founder

Creator of T3 Beach Fitness

Starting at sixteen, I dove into fitness, and for a while, alcohol was along for the ride. A long ride. 35 years later they both lost their allure, prompting a transformative shift. I waved goodbye to alcohol and rekindled my passion for fitness, spending the next 14 years on a journey of self-love and helping others.


I ended up in Bali, Indonesia where I crafted a unique fitness regimen centered on nature, fostering a supportive community and mindfulness. I then returned to Los Angeles, the scene of my greatest fall, with an opportunity to confront my past with newfound sobriety. Here is where I learn to apply three invaluable lessons:

1. Fitness transcends the physical,

2. Authenticity is key to fulfillment, and

3. Failure is just a stepping stone.

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Thomas Andrews in Singapore 51 years of age
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